Stepping stonesTBR generally have at least one walk on every Sunday. Sometimes there are two. Sometimes they are on a Saturday, instead, or as well. As our members are mostly working age we don't have daytime walks during the week. In the summer months we take advantage of the long daylight hours to have evening walks - around 2-5 miles somewhere fairly local.
Our main weekend walks are anything from 5 miles to 15 miles; across fields, along the coast, around towns, clambering up and down the Welsh Valleys or the Brecon Beacons. If we can drive to it within about 1.5 hours from Cardiff, we've probably done a weekend walk there; from the Gower peninsula in the west to the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean in the east, the South Wales coast to the northen edge of the Beacons.
Bluebell walk
Virtually all the walks on our programme are led by TBR members. Occasionally we link up with other local Ramblers groups. It's up to each Walk Leader to decide where and when they want to lead a walk, how long it will be and what time it starts. We try to even out the peaks and troughs a bit, but essentially our walks are the result of selfless devotion on the part of those members who volunteer their time and effort - be nice to them, please?
Coast wide

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